Tools Of The Trade

Tools and resources I can't live without.

These are the tools I use every day to be a more client-worthy copywriter.

Whether you’re brand new or more experienced, these tools will help you write better copy and win more clients.

The course that kick-started my career.

If you’re looking for the right place to start or aren’t quite ready for ‘Success Express,’ this is hands down the no. 1 course I recommend. It’s half the price of popular AWAI courses and it’s taught by the same instructors.

Be more than a copywriter.

Great copywriters understand and share strategy, and coach their clients as they go. I use Loom to film quick videos for clients, walking them through proposals, talking them through copy to cut down on revisions and calls, and highlighting my strategies to show off my skills. In doing so, you’re perceived as more than a copywriter. Therefore, you can command higher rates and develop longer, more stable, and more lucrative relationships (like I have).

The best $12 you’ll ever spend in this business.

If I could only recommend one book to any copywriter (new or experienced), this is it. I’ve filled my swipe file with copy, strategies, and thoughts from this book, and it’s helped me write everything from blogs and sales pages to direct mailers and packaging copy. It’s pure copywriting gold. Plus, you can read it in just one sitting.