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Dear Fellow Copywriter,

Aren't you sick of spending on courses and certifications that never land you clients?

If you want to become a better and more appealing copywriter that stands out from the crowd … land new (and better) clients ... and finally turn your certification or coursework into success, then my 'Success Express Mentorship' is for you:

The biggest myth in copywriting is that certifications and courses will get you clients.

Courses and certifications alone don’t guarantee clients nor success.

That’s because they make you a more informed writer—not a better writer.

Clients pay for skill, not knowledge.

Hence why the best clients evaluate your samples—not your certs / courses.

If you want to win clients and live your version of the 'Writer's Life,' you need a safe and supportive place to apply your knowledge, develop your skills, and get personalized feedback from someone you can trust.

That's why I created 'Success Express.'

Here’s how it'll make you a better, faster, and more client-worthy copywriter in just a few weeks:

What You Get Inside 'Success Express':

  • Unlimited access to me: Not only do I give you tailored assignments and review every word you write, you can ask me anything during our time together.

  • 3 personalized writing assignments tailored to the niche you want to write for: No generic group assignments here. Your assignments are personalized and modeled after real client projects to give you the real client / copywriter experience.

  • Weekly reviews & line-by-line feedback from an experienced copy chief: I personally review every word you write because feedback is the fast-track to success.

  • Weekly skills and strategies sessions tailored to your needs: I don’t waste your time on theory, terms, and abstract ideas like big group courses. We'll meet via Zoom weekly to go way deeper (and more detailed) than the average certification / course.

  • A safe and supportive place to practice and develop your skills: No need to be intimidated. I'm always both honest and positive. I'll tell you what you're doing right and wrong to lift you up, not bring you down.

  • Impeccable samples to send potential clients: After we polish up your assignments together, they’re yours to use as samples so you instantly stand out from the crowd.

  • Real-world copywriting experience: Experience what it's actually like to work with high-level clients, so you're prepared to land them.

  • Get on my radar to earn opportunities: If you impress me, I can open doors to the right clients and opportunities.


  • A better and faster way to write anything: Discover and practice my ‘5-Step Write To Sell Process’ to save you time and make your copy better.

  • My best swipes and templates with context, commentary, and examples to help you go from copy and pasting to polishing and profiting.

  • Written and audio/video feedback so you learn how to think like a pro, translate client feedback, and revise without second-guessing yourself.

  • Simple structures and frameworks for landing pages, emails, and blogs: I’ll help you master the ‘Big 3’ most clients want, and almost every client needs so you have the skills to do more and serve more.

  • And more insider secrets and shortcuts: I earned $236,000 my first year freelancing full-time, I’ve won contests and awards from AWAI and SABRE, been recognized by Forbes and Inc. 5000, managed 200+ writers, and written for clients like Petco, Slim Jim, and Marvel. Point is: You can trust me.

The bottom line is this will make you a better, faster, and more client-worthy copywriter.

You have 2 choices:

You can continue spending time and money on information via courses and certifications...

...or, you can invest in Success Express to get personalized feedback and mentoring that makes you a more skilled, sought-after and successful copywriter.

To me, and as someone who has been in your shoes, the choice is obvious.

But to make it even more obvious to you, think about this:

The average course or certification is $2500+

That’s a pretty hefty investment for little (if any) personalized and expert feedback and attention.

While one certification or course is important for baseline knowledge, anything more than that is probably overkill—especially if you’re not already getting paid to write and consistently landing new clients.

Because ‘Success Express’ gives you personalized assignments, attention, and feedback, it’s far more valuable than the $2500 price tag of typical courses and certs.

But… this mentorship is still evolving and your success will help me reach more copywriters in need.

That's why I’m not going to charge you $2500.

(not now, at least)

If you take action today, you’ll save more than $500… and pay just $2000.

You’ll get 6 weeks of personalized attention, coaching, and feedback directly from me that will make you a better, more appealing, and more client-worthy copywriter.

And best of all…

You’ll finally be equipped to turn your certification(s) / coursework into clients.

That’s my promise to you.

Now here’s what you have to promise me

1. You have one certification or course under your belt.

You need that baseline knowledge because I don’t waste your time on basic theories, ideas, and concepts.

If you haven't completed a copywriting certification or course, email me and I'll recommend one that's right for you.

2. You have to join for the right reasons.

Yes, if you “wow” me, I’ll add you to my ‘writer roster’ so you can earn opportunities with me and my clients.

But that should not be the reason you sign up: Instead, you must recognize and understand the tremendous value of feedback and mentorship... and embrace it.

3. You have to be serious about your success.

This is not an accountability program. I’ll hold your hand through revisions, but I won’t do the work for you. You’ll get out of this what you put into it.

If you want to go from knowledgeable to irresistible, click below to book your free suitability call now

We’ll connect in private for a quick 20-minutes to discuss your goals and see if we’re the right fit for each other.

Then you can decide if ‘Success Express’ is for you.

No pitch or pressure.

Only 5 spots are available.

I wish I had this opportunity when I first got into copywriting.

Tailored assignments and word-by-word reviews and feedback are a rare, if not impossible, combination to find.

So before you spend time and money on more information, consider this faster path to success

I only accept up to 5 copywriters per cohort to ensure everybody gets the personalized and hands-on coaching and feedback they need to succeed.

Click below to book your free ‘Suitability Call’ before this round fills up

And remember, I'm here to guide you—not sell you.

P.S. Have you ever wondered why the right person or program comes into your life at just the right time?

You meet someone you’re supposed to or take advantage of an opportunity presented to you… then 3 months, 6 months, or even a year or 2 later, doors suddenly open because of that one person you met or decision you made…

This could be that for you. That’s why you’re here reading this.

I could be that person and this could be that program that catapults you to where you want to be.

It’s all just one click away.

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May's Cohort Is Full.

Early-Bird Pricing For July Available Now

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