You don’t have to be a pro to write your own sales copy.

If you’re selling anything online, the following words can help drive more O’s to your bank account.

But first, let’s set some (reasonable) expectations:

Expanding your vocabulary doesn’t mean you can sell water to a whale.

But if you’ve got a decent product and a decent audience, these little words can be tiny hinges that swing big doors. In other words, they’re small but mighty weapons that can tee up big boosts in your engagement, leads, and sales.

And if the blinking cursor is flipping you the bird or you feel buried by writer’s block on your quest to sell online, they might be all you need to get your confidence up to start crafting your own sales copy… or at least make some quick improvements to what you already have.

Let’s dive in...

30 Words That Skyrocket Sales In 30 Seconds Or Less

1 - Transform.

2 -Guarantee.

3 - Ensure.

4 - Never.

5 - Always.

6 - Fast.

7 - Now.

8 - Hacks.

9 - Regret.

10 - Don’t.

11 - Warning.

12 - Stop.

13 - Hoax.

14 - Easy.

15 - Quick.

16 - Simple.

17 - Strange.

18 - Impossible.

19 - Only.

20 - Secret.

21 - Mistake.

22- Proven.

23 - Free.

24 - Discover.

25 - Imagine.

26 - Hidden.

27 - Forgotten.

28 - Unknown.

29 - Tips.

30 - Tricks.

Don’t worry: I won’t leave you hanging. If you need a little more context, keep reading.

Below, I’ve added some commentary as to why these work, so you never feel like you’re stabbing in the dark.

Why They Work, Word-By-Word

1. Transform: Forces you to paint a before and after picture. A transformation is far more powerful than an “improvement”, “shift”, “change”, etc. (more on that here)

2. Guarantee: Pushes prospects over the edge by giving them an added layer of confidence and protection.

3. Ensure: Instantly makes any claim, feature, or benefit way more valuable.

4. Never. Skyrockets perceived value by showing a lasting impact.

5. Always. Same as above.

6. Fast. Speed sells.

7. Now. Adds urgency. And urgency is everything. Here’s a few ways I personally use urgency to ratchet up engagement, leads, and sales in a hurry.

8. Regret. A haunting word that taps into lucrative emotions.

9. Don’t. Telling your audience what not to do can be 2x as powerful as telling them what to do.

10. Warning. Always captures attention. WARNING: Use wisely.

11. Stop. A contrarian way to be seen and heard.

12. Hoax. Even without tinfoil garb, humans tend to eat up “hoaxes”, “scams”, and “controversies.”

13. Easy. Aren’t we all searching for an easy button?

14. Quick. Like I said before, speed sells.

15. Simple. In the words of Don Draper, “Make it simple, but significant.” I never got into ‘Mad Men’, (surprising, given my background) but it’s a masterclass on advertising.

16. Strange. Piques interest.

17. Impossible. There’s so many possibilities for using this word to sell.

18. Only. Is your product or course the only one that does X? Or the only way to get Y? This little word packs a knockout punch of persuasion.

19. Secret. Oooh. Tell me more…

20. Mistake. Nobody wants to make mistakes. Be a cape-less hero by pointing them out.

21. Proven. As long as you have real proof (claims, testimonials, etc.), tack this word onto every piece of sales copy you write.

22. Free. Who likes to be sold to? Nobody. Anything free should be labeled as such. Wear it as an honor badge, loud and proud.

23. Discover. Action verbs elicit action. I always kick off headlines and CTAs with them. You should too.

24. Imagine. By almost all accounts, this is the most powerful word in copywriting, advertising, marketing, etc. (I explain why here.)

25. Hidden. Your audience will want to find whatever’s hiding.

26. Forgotten. Wait. What did I forget? That’ll be their reaction.

27. Unknown. The curiosity will eat them alive.

28. Tips. An easy way to “give value.”

29. Tricks. A perfect pairing with tips.

30. Hacks. Shows you’re not a dinosaur. And humans love hacks.

If you liked these, feel free to steal my best subject lines here. There’s 21 there, yours for the taking.


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